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Composing a paper is a kind of easy-manageable task if a student has a syllabus or instructions from the professor. At the same moment, it becomes the worst nightmare if there are no explanations and help. Especially, it happens when one is assigned a composition essay. Students may wonder what is it? Isn’t essay a composition itself? Are there any mistakes? Yes, this type of paper also exists. But, do not write it off as lost because the requirements will not spoil your mood or waste precious time.

The term “composition” can be referred to many writings depending on the purpose and circumstances. It encompasses poetry, short stories, narratives and essays itself. Typically, students understand the instructions of what to deal with after having a meeting with a curator. There would be discussions about topics, requirements, format, and so on. However, it does not always work like that. Some students do not have any ideas or explanations from professors so that they improvise.

Whenever students are about to finish their university degrees or graduate from college, a thesis paper is the one crowning all their educational achievements. For some reason, they still tend to leave this task for the last moment and compared to writing essays or projects, there is one result — missed deadlines and a complete failure. Usually, experienced students start thinking about this paper at least one or half of the year in advance. But, what makes this work slightly different from other papers is that a thesis allows you to gather ideas and recommendations from the faculty adviser. Most commonly, he will direct you or tell what is worth researching. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended to write it independently as much as possible.

When it comes to women and gender studies, college students have to deal with an interdisciplinary area that is concentrated on gender and all the issues related to it. The difficulties that students encounter with the evaluation essay in this subject are usually caused by the fact that women and gender studies is also closely related to psychology, history, literary criticism, and many other traditional subjects.

In out writing guide, we will explain you how to deal with an evaluation essay in women and gender studies. The whole process will be broken down into 5 sections, each described below.

The evaluation essay in classic English literature is usually concentrated on a particular criterion of the paper thesis. What the author is required to do is to carefully choose the criteria that one can discuss and then build a strong evaluation essay on.

In case with the classic English literature, your task is to analyze correctly each side of the chosen criteria. What is more, it is also important to research and investigate your thesis, as well as give as many examples as possible to illustrate it. Many authors believe that evaluation essays do not differ from reviews. But that’s not like that. In order to clarify what an evaluation essay is and how to write one in classic English literature, make sure to read below.

If you have read the book that you really liked, had a very delicious dessert in a cafe or seen a great film, you are more than ready to work on an evaluation essay. When you’re assigned an evaluation essay in public administration, you will have to work in a field that deals with human resource management, data analysis, communication skills, finances and business management — anything that is related to the public sector. …

When the first reports about the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 in the Chinese city of Wuhan appeared back in January, few people were able to predict how it was going to affect our lives on all levels. Now, a few months later, we still know very little about this virus — but medical professionals across the globe had more than enough opportunities to form the first impressions of what it is, how it influences human health and what we are to do about it. A lot of the information one can find about it right now is doubtful, inconsistent and often…

In the beginning of 2020, few heard about the novel coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan. In less than two months, it turned from a curious local incident into a global crisis of unprecedented scale. Not because of its high lethality or severity — in these respects COVID-19 lags far behind many other infectious diseases, including its immediate relatives, SARS and MERS. The effects of SARS-CoV-2 (the official name of the novel virus) are relatively mild, with the majority of cases being asymptomatic or showing limited flu-like symptoms. It may sound cynical, but the real horror of the new…

COVID-19 pandemic took humanity completely by surprise. It took a minute infection agent that many scientists do not even consider a living organism a little less than three months to put two thirds of Earth’s population under lockdown, paralyze the world economy and start the worst recession in history. Ironically, its actual lethality is relatively low when compared to other infectious diseases like Ebola or MERS. What is much more frightening about the new virus is not the people it kills through medical complications but how it influences our lives indirectly, economically and psychologically. COVID-19 is just as important a…

Students tend to be baffled when they receive an assignment to write a composition essay, for instructors often neglect to give a proper explanation of what it is. However, the difficulty is that of terminology, not of writing. A composition is merely a general term denoting any type of creative work: any essay is a composition, while not any composition is an essay. If your instructor assigned you with writing a composition essay, it simply means that you have to prepare an essay of an unspecified type.

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